Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thrifting the Trends: Oversized Fisherman's Sweater

Oversized sweaters are sure to be one of the trends that we're going to roll our eyes at a decade from now. But we're fine with that, because my goodness they're comfy and even better, super easy to thrift.

Here are a trips and tricks for shopping this trend second-hand: If you're a small or a medium, in the women's section, shop the large and extra large sections. One of the great things about the oversized sweater trend is that it's perfectly in line with the unisex/androgynous trend. So if you're any size, be sure to check out the men's section. Not all men's sweaters will drape right, so be sure to try on before you buy.

We found this sweater in the men's section. It works because the arms aren't too wide and the sleeves are the right length.

Fisherman Sweater from Goodwill - $6.99
Escada Pencil Skirt from Mt. Carmel Store - $5

oversized fisherman sweater blue woman doubleminted

oversized cable knit fisherman sweater

cable knit irish sweater blue oversized for women

navy blue escada pencil skirt

light blue women's fisherman sweater

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