Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

Wanna wear cropped jeans on a cold winter day? Tuck them into knee-high boots, like it did with these white Lucky jeans I found for $5. #thriftystylechallenge #whitechristmas . . . . #thrifted #luckyjeans #ralphlauren #plaid #frenchcuffs #equestrian #preppystyle #thriftshopping #opshopping #charityshop #styleblogger #sfstyle #instablog

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fall Trends 2016: Satin and Velvet

Luxe textures and fabrics have been big trends so far this year, especially satin and velvet now that fall is here. Thankfully for us thrifters, these were in style about 20 years ago too, which means there's a good chance of finding fad-friendly pieces if you keep you eyes peeled.

The slip dress signals the return of a trend of underwear (or at least sleepwear) as outerwear. Satiny, silky and slinky slip dresses were all over the red carpets and fashion pages of the 1990s, but thank goodness we aren't pairing them with butterfly hair clips and blue eye shadow these days.

And yes, velvet is back in a big way. But you have to be careful while thrifting this trend. If you want to look contemporary, stay away from crushed velvet, especially for structured pieces like blazers and dresses. Crushed velvet was a big trend in the nineties, but the trend today is for smooth, un-distressed velvet. Also, stick to blacks, browns and jewel tones. Pastel velvet is passé.

Black Velvet Blazer - $7 from the Salvation Army
White Slip Dress Gown - $4 from Goodwill
Coach Kitten Heel Slippers - $6 from the Salvation Army

white satin evening gown

Monday, December 5, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

Cutting down Christmas trees in sunny California yesterday. It was just chilly enough to justify wearing this thrifted coat and scarf. The coat is a vintage find for only $20! #thriftystylechallenge #allwrappedup . . . . #instablog #camelcoat #vintagefinds #vintagecoat #plaidscarf #holidaylook