Monday, November 28, 2016

Fall Trends 2016: Sweater Dress and a Shawl

The best part about fall in northern California is that you can start to wear fall styles without really having to bundle up. It's not until now at the end of November that daytime temps start to drop below 60° (15° C), so until a light jacket or a wrap is all you really need to keep away the chill during the day. We get to enjoy the fun of layering without worrying about practicality.

There are some brands that follow fads but still manage to be true to a core principle. In the case of Bebe, the colors, styles, and embellishments they choose may change, but you're pretty much guaranteed that anything Bebe will be skin tight and lots of fun, no matter what decade it's from. This sweater dress is definitely form fitting, but pairing it with a shawl and a sophisticated mary-jane heel takes this look from club to gala.

90s Vintage Bebe Sweater Dress - $5 from Goodwill
Spanish Flamenco Fringed Shawl - $5 from Mt. Carmel Thrift Store
Vintage Italian Cross-Strap Mary-Janes - $6 from the Salvation Army

black bebe turtleneck sweater dress

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

My shopping look from yesterday: $9 Franco Sarto ankle boots from Thrift Town, $8 blazer vest from Salvation Army and vintage BCBG top from Bloom in San Rafael. . . . . #thrifted #thriftfinds #thriftchic #thriftstyle #thrifting #thriftshopping #thriftedfashion #thriftedootd #ootd #outfit #wiw #dailylook #bloggerstyle #californiastyle #sfstyle #styleblogger #fashionblog #fblogger #instablog

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fall Trends 2016: Levi's and an Oversized Sweater

While warm weather is lovely, both of us eagerly await the cooler weather of fall each year. Maybe it's the crisper air, maybe it's the changing colors on the trees, maybe it's the anticipation of the holidays to come...but probably it's the opportunity to wear a portion of our wardrobes we haven't been able to in more than half a year!

With so many trends from the 1990s reappearing this year, it's been particularly easy to follow the latest styles while thrifting. Finding great pieces still involves quite a bit of hunting, but when we do find them, we're guaranteed to be paying just a fraction of what similar pieces are going for new, whether designer or fast fashion.

Oversized Sweater - $6 from Goodwill
Compare to $89 from Nordstrom or $25 from Target
Raw Hem Vintage Levi's 501 Jeans - $11 from Goodwill
Compare to $89 from Levi's

doubleminted oversized green sweater outfit

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

I swear I see this blanket scarf everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. Makes it feel even better that I paid about $3 for it at Goodwill! The dress is thrifted too. 😊 #thriftystylechallenge #perfectlyoversized #blanketscarf. . . . #scarf #plaid #skaterdress #oversizedscarf #instablog

Monday, November 14, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

This is definitely not a look I'd go for, but I've seen it so much on Pinterest I had to give it a try! Plus it gave me a work-appropriate way to wear this oversized silk tank. #perfectlyoversized #thriftystylechallenge #instablog

Friday, November 11, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

Wore these thrifted satin trousers to the fundraiser for my boss's foundation last night. Also, the @ralphlauren pumps I'm wearing are super comfy! If you ever come across some, snatch them! #thriftedchicstylechallenge #satinpants . . . . #thrifted #thriftfinds #thriftchic #thriftstyle #thrifting #thriftshopping #thriftedfashion #thriftedootd #ootd #outfit #wiw #dailylook #bloggerstyle #californiastyle #sfstyle #styleblogger #fashionblog #fblogger #instablog

Monday, November 7, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

A totally thrifted wedding look from over the weekend. This whole outfit, including a cropped jacket, was less than $40! Proof you don't need to spend a lot to look classy. (Tap photo to see where I got each item.) #weddinglook #weddingstyle . . . #instablog #instastyle

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Outfit of the Day from our Instagram

I can't wait for it to get truly cold so I can wear this Storets oversized plaid pattern coat as much as possible. It's all over Pinterest and costs almost $200 new, but we found it thrifted! #thriftystylechallenge #plaid #thriftedchicstylechallenge . . . . #thrifted #thriftfinds #thriftchic #thriftstyle #thrifting #thrifter #fashion #moda #styleinspo #wiw #ootd #fallstyle #fallfashion #overcoat #storets #fashionblogger #instablog

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thrift Store Review: Goodwill Flagship in San Francisco

When we tell most people that what we're wearing came from the thrift store, the usual reaction is "No way!" or "That's amazing!" The exceptions are fellow thrifters, who quickly follow up with "Which thrift store? Is it a good one? Should I go?" And while we think every thrift store we come across is worth exploring, we've decided to start a new series of posts with our own reviews of thrift stores we've visited, so you can get an idea what they're like.

And it's only appropriate that we should start with the Goodwill Flagship store in the heart of San Francisco.

Goodwill Flagship Store

Address: 1580 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Location: The corner of South Van Ness and Mission Street, near the Civic Center.

Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 10AM-7PM

Parking: Street, metered (card or coin), usually easy to find a spot.

Raises Money For: Goodwill Industries job placement and job training programs.

Good For Finding: Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Vintage

This store is enormous, certainly the biggest Goodwill in the city, so the truth is it's good for finding pretty much any item of clothing. Their jeans section is very well organized by size, and the racks are rarely overstuffed so its easy to browse. The same can be said for their dresses section, which is divided between long dresses and shorter dresses, just like at most Goodwill stores in our area.

Because of its size and prominence, this store is also a big destination for costumes in San Francisco, for both Halloween and Bay to Breakers. However, because of that, it can be a bit more picked over than some of the smaller stores. Still, they bring out weird and over-the-top stuff during these two costume seasons, which really ups your chances of finding something rare and unique.

We've found fewer high-end or brand name items at this Goodwill. Though, as mentioned before, the selection makes up for this void in genuine vintage items. There are probably fewer high-end items because this store is easily accessible and therefore the good stuff gets snatched up quickly.

Pro Tip: Just like retail stores, the weekend is the most popular time to thrift shop. If you want to snatch up the best pieces, try shopping during the week when you can. This is especially true at busy city thrift stores like this one.