Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing the DoubleMinted Instagram Thrifting Challenge!

First things first. 

If you haven't checked out our Instagram account yet, DO IT NOW. Mostly we say this because we manage to add wayyy more content there than we do on here. In the age of instant gratification, Instagram is the king of the style blog.

One of our favorite parts of Instagram are the style challenges. If you're like us and sometimes wake up and stare blankly at your closet, then a style challenge is a great source of inspiration. Many other style bloggers post weekly or daily style themes then challenge their followers to create a stylish outfit based on it - then share it. Some of our favorite hosts include @wearwhatwhere, @hilaryrushford and @thriftyfashionfriendzee - check them out!

So we started thinking, why not start a challenge of our own? Of course it would have to involve thrift shopping on top of providing inspiration. Working with the assumption that most of our fellow thriftaholics find themselves in a thrift store on a near weekly basis, we decided to create a challenge that is a hybrid: a style challenge and an excuse to go shopping!

How it works: Each week we will post a new challenge with a new unique theme. Sometimes it will be a particular garment, other times it will be a color or something to wear to a special event. If you want to join in on the fun, check out our Instagram at the beginning of each week. You can either share your finds from that week, use the challenge as wardrobe inspiration, or share your favorites past finds. All using #hashtags, of course.

The whole idea is to have fun and build a unique, inexpensive wardrobe at the same time. Hope you can join us! Follow us @doubleminted

Our first challenge, for the end of November 2015: thrifted sweaters!

First week of December 2015: winter coats!