Thursday, June 25, 2015

Affordable and Feminine Brunch Outfits

Is it just us or is brunch becoming even more of a thing? In San Francisco brunch can be a ritual revered at an almost religious level. And we can see why. What's not to love about good friends, good food, bottomless mimosas and not having to wake up before 9am? Plus there are few better excuses to go ahead and order that French toast.

But as casual as brunch is, it's still not quite a sweatpants occasion. Especially if you have something to celebrate or someone special to see. Last weekend we got dressed up a bit more for brunch. It was Father's Day after all and we had invited our dad out to a decadent brunch and a local Mexican restaurant.

Since the Bay Area weather was finally acting like it was June, we decided to don some of our favorite recent thrift store finds. Each of our dresses are feminine and care-free, but in a different way. Kind of like us!

Britt's Bright Floral Shift Dress
$8 at Goodwill (full price equivalent)
 Zara d'Orsay pumps - $14 at Goodwill (similar)
White blazer - $7 at Goodwill (similar)

Devon's BCBG Pleated Dress
$8 at Out of the Closet (full price equivalent)
Banana Republic leather sandals - $14 at Goodwill (similar)
Fabric & leather belt - $2 at St. Vincent de Paul

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inexpensive and Stylish Suede Coats

Suede. The word alone has so many connotations. Smooth, sumptuous, luxurious...and cheap?

Next to designer pieces, high quality clothes in luxury materials are kind of the holy grail of thrifting. And the better the bargain the more victorious you'll feel.

Both of us have managed to find beautiful suede coats in our recent thrifting and vintage shopping. Neither of us were looking for one at the time, but when we found them, both of us knew we couldn't pass them up.

We think both of these fit in nicely with all the 70s revival suede coats we've been seeing in street style features lately. Very groovy.

Devon's Collarless Suede Coat
$14 at Goodwill in San Rafael
Full-Price Equivalent - $1,134 from Theory
with thrifted Dooney & Bourke purse and Ralph Lauren pumps

thrifted suede coat tan

zip up suede coat tan

thrifted suede coat side view

tan suede coat rear view

collarless tan suede coat

etcetera tan suede coat 90s vintage

Brittany's 70s Vintage Flared Suede Coat
$35 from booth at Treasure Island Flea Market
Full Price Equivalent - $271 from Asos
With thrifted black skater dress and Report platform sandals

vintage suede coat
vintage suede coat 
vintage suede coat
vintage suede coat 
vintage suede coat 
vintage suede coat

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cobalt Blue: the bright color that looks good on everyone

Few things in your wardrobe can make a statement quite like bold, bright colors. This spring we've been on the hunt for one of our favorites: cobalt blue. This color is actually pretty easy to find thrifted. We suspect it's because it looks good on everyone, whether you're pale like us or on the tanner side, whether you're blonde, brunette, or black haired.

Cobalt blue is also a very versatile color. It pairs well with neutrals, like black, white and tan - as well as with other brights, like yellow and pink. And while it's definitely a bright color, it doesn't have any of the strong connotations that wearing red does (it says "look at me" and not "hey, baby, look at me"). Plus, there's the whole royal blue thing, and who doesn't want to feel like royalty.

Below we have picked two of our favorite cobalt blue thrifted finds, which both happen to be dresses. Devon's is a bit more on the casual side and Britt's is a bit...foxier? Both were a lot of fun to find and model!

Devon's Vintage-Inspired Minidress
$7 at Goodwill (similar from Forever21 for $20)
Shoes: Banana Republic from Goodwill for $14 (similar for $138)

vintage style cobalt blue dress

blue dress doubleminted

blue dress with tan sandals

40s style blue dress

cobalt blue forties style dress

cobalt blue dress doubleminted

Britt's Plunging Neckline Shift Dress
$7 at Goodwill (full price equivalent for $130)
Shoes: $11 at Goodwill (similar for $356)

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt

cobalt blue plunge neckline dress with obi belt