Sunday, April 26, 2015

Put Together: More Festival Style

Festival style is having a serious moment right now and we couldn't help but get caught up in it. Since we were in the desert anyway for our family reunion, we decided to indulge in the full-on hippie-chic side of the craze. That's what Coachalla is known for, after all, and we could practically smell the clouds of dust, tobacco and other substances wafting over from the next valley.

For the outfits below, we mixed a few pieces we already owned with some of our favorite thrifted finds. Comfort is always a factor for festivals, so we kept our eyes out for soft fabrics in flowing silhouettes.

The metallic tattoos we used are called Hot Jewels - they're like Flash Tats, but you can get them at your local Walgreens drugstore for $9.99 a pack.

Brittany's Outfit
Crop top - $3 at Goodwill (full price equivalent $20)
Patterned skirt - $5 at Goodwill (similar $20)
Scarf - $7 at H&M (similar)
 Gladiator sandals - $65 at Macy's (full price equivalent $60)
Necklaces - H&M and made by Devon

Devon's Outfit
Patterned Bell Bottoms: $15 at TJ Maxx (full price equivalent $148)
Peach Crop Top: $8.50 from Fashion Exchange (similar)
Black Blowfish Cork Sole Sandals: $20 from TJ Maxx (full price equivalent $45)
Pink Sunglasses: $3 from Goodwill (full price equivalent $110)

Britt's Flower Child Outfit
Skirt (worn as a dress) - borrowed from Mom, 60s vintage (similar)
Crochet vest - $5 at Treasure Island Flea Market (full price equivalent $42)
Belt - $2 from Goodwill (full price equivalent $59)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Put Together: Festival Fringe

Every spring, our mom's side of the family has a reunion in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. It's a wonderful weekend for catching up with relatives, barbecuing by the pool and picnicking in Joshua Tree National park.

This year the reunion happened to coincide with the second weekend of the Coachella music festival, taking place just one valley over in Indio. While we didn't shell out for tickets this year, we were inspired to do a post about thrifted festival fashion.

So after a day of bouldering and finding hidden caves in Joshua Tree, we slapped on some makeup and some fringe to capture the hippie-chic outfits below.

Devon's Festival Fringe Look
Black lace fringed kimono - $12.50 at Fashion Exchange (full price equivalent $198)
Black crop top - $9.50 at Fashion Exchange (full price equivalent $41)
Printed skirt - $10 at Knimble Clothing (full price equivalent $139)
Felt hat - $20 at H&M
Necklace - Homemade from vintage beads
Ring & Bracelets - Vintage hand-me-downs from Mom & Grandmas

boho festival style outfit

boho black fringe shawl

festival style patterned skirt

festival style turquoise accessories

boho festival style jewelry

Britt's Festival Fringe Look
Dark floral crop top - $5 at the Treasure Island Flea Market (full price equivalent $13)
Mossimo cutoff denim shorts - $7.50 from Goodwill (full price equivalent $20)
Leather fringe belt - $3 from Angel View thrift in Joshua Tree (full price equivalent $78)
Hat - $8 from Cowboy Attic in Twentynine Palms (full price equivalent $20)
Statement necklace - $9 from Goodwill (full price equivalent $16)
Billabong fringe purse - $0 from (through their weekly free shoe giveaway!)

cutoff shorts and fringe belt

cutoff jean shorts

cutoffs and floral crop top festival style

Monday, April 13, 2015

Put Together: Maxi Skirts for Wine Tasting

Few things are quite so Californian as wine tasting. Being from the Bay Area, we're lucky enough to be just an hour's drive away from some of the best wineries in the world. So last weekend we got together with a group of friends (and probably the world's worst limo driver!) for a birthday celebration filled with Pinot, Chardonnay and bubbly!

Wine tasting is a great opportunity to express your personal style. It is a setting that calls for a delicate balance between classy and practical. We decided that some thrifted maxi skirts were the way to go! Tasting rooms can be as cold as a (wine) cellar, but most wineries have some sort of outdoor seating too, so a long skirt is a good way to stay warm and also prevent over-heating. Plus, maxi skirts are undeniably feminine, which adds a touch of formality to any outfit.

Below you will see the maxi outfits we chose, along with some idyllic wine country locations. Britt's outfit was a little more on the hippie-chic side, with bright colors, rich pattern and flowing fabrics. Devon's outfit had a bit of a 90s vintage flavor, with a darker palette, flirty crop top and a just-threw-this-on effortless vibe.

Britt's NorCal Hippie Maxi Look
Maxi Skirt: $9 from Goodwill (full price equivalent)
Neon Tank: $3.50 from Goodwill (full price equivalent)
Belt: $2 from Thrift Town (full price equivalent)
Necklace: made by Devon
Hat from TJ Maxx (similar)
Report platform heels from Ross (similar)

Devon's Retro 90s Maxi Look
Maxi Skirt: inherited from mom (full price equivalent)
Crop Top: $3.50 from Goodwill (full price equivalent)
Hat found at ACE Hardware (similar)
Blowfish sandals from TJ Maxx (on Amazon)