Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thrifty Finds: How to Find High Quality Workout Clothes for Less

Athletic wear is one of those apparel categories that can be sneakily expensive. Now with the booming trend in athletic clothing as everyday clothing, this is even more true. Companies like Lululemon and Athleta have pretty much demolished the "leggings aren't pants" adage.

So where can a fitness conscious girl find cute, high quality, low-cost workout clothes? You guessed it - the thrift store! Now we know buying used workout clothes might seem a bit icky to some, but we know these items have been properly laundered. Plus, when in doubt, follow your nose! If you catch a whiff of something funky (which we never did!), throw it back on the rack.

Check out the fun and colorful styles we found - many of them very gently used and from high quality brands! And compare them with full price equivalents.

Devon's Pilates & Calisthenics Outfit
Soybu blue & purple cropped T-shirt - $5 at Goodwill
Champion Capris - $4.50 at Thrift Town
Adidas lightweight running shoes - $5 from Salvation Army
Full Price Equivalents: top $34 from Soybu, capris $40 from Hanes, shoes $180 from Adidas

thrifted crop top and capris doubleminted

jumping jack thrifted yoga top doubleminted

thrifted purple sneakers capris doubleminted

Britt's Morning Jog Outfit
OP mini board shorts - $3.50 at Thrift Town
Scott light-weight insulator sweatshirt - $5.00 at Goodwill
Full Price Equivalents: shorts $34 from O'Neill, sweatshirt $71.50 from Exxpozed

thrifted sweatshirt and mini boardshorts | Doubleminted

thrifted sweatshirt and mini boardshorts | Doubleminted

Devon's Daily Run Outfit
Purple 90 Degree by Reflex top - $4 from Goodwill
MPG exercise capris - $20 from TJ Maxx
Full Price Equivalents: top $29.50 from 90 Degree by Reflex, capris $58 from MPG

cheap purple athletic top doubleminted

thrifted athletic top doubleminted

purple running shirt doubleminted

Britt's Yoga Outfit
GapBody bootcut yoga pants - $5 at Goodwill
PINK by Victoria's Secret tank - $3.50 at Thrift Town
Marika blue tie-dyed sports bra - $4.50 at Thrift Town
Full Price Equivalents: tank $30 from Victoria's Secret, pants $50 from GapFit, bra $50 from Marika

Thrift Store yoga outfit, Victoria's Secret PINK and Gap | Doubleminted

Thrift Store yoga outfit, Victoria's Secret PINK and Gap | Doubleminted

Devon's Yoga Outfit
Orange Halogen lightweight racerback top - $4 at Goodwill
Lululemon flared yoga pants - Hand-me-down from a friend
Full Price Equivalent: top $24 from Nordstrom, pants $98 from Lululemon

thrifted yoga clothing doubleminted

orange racerback top doubleminted

thrifted yoga clothes doubleminted

Britt's Trail Running Outfit
Neon trim shorts - $4.50 at Thrift Town
Moving Comfort white sports bra - $7 at Goodwill
Full Price Equivalents: shorts $40 from Nike, bra $44 from Moving Comfort

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thrifty Finds: Super Cheap Designer-Style Coats

Getting bundled up is a pretty rare necessity here in the Bay Area, but we do get the occasional winter storm. When wet weather approaches, you won't find us headed for Macy's, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales for our layers, we're headed for the local thrift store.

Coats are a wardrobe staple, so there are a lot of classic styles that never seem to go out of fashion. That means that even if your thrifted coat is 20 years old, chances are it's still in fashion (or will be again very soon).

Coats are one of those high-ticket fashion expenses that are very easy to find for cheap at the thrift store. Where you might spend hundreds of dollars on a new designer coat, you can find the same designer look in a thrifted coat for a tiny fraction of the price, often less than $20.

See how our second-hand coats compare to their designer label equivalents, both in price and style!

Brittany's Faux Coyote Fur Coat
$35 at Buffalo Exchange
Full Price Equivalent: $217 at Adela Queen or $179 at Fabulous Furs

Devon's DKNY Double Breasted Trench Coat
$15 at Goodwill
Full Price Equivalent: $200 at Macy's

Brittany's Wool Trench Coat
Inherited from family member
Full Price Equivalent: $988 from Michael Kors

Devon's Old Navy Tweed Coat with custom-added leather buttons
$12 at Hospice by the Bay Hodgepodge in San Rafael
Full Price Equivalent: $186 at Bloomingdales

Brittany's Vintage Camel Hair Wrap Coat
$20 at Thrill of the Find Thrift in Truckee, CA
Full Price Equivalent: $218 from Trina Turk

Devon's Long Black Trench Coat
$5 at the Family Store in Mill Valley
Full Price Equivalent: $130 at Nordstrom

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Special Occasions: Sweet, Glam & Trendy Valentine's Day Dresses

The thrift store is a great place to run for a last-minute look for a special occasion. Thrift stores are like department stores...there is so much variety it's almost one-stop shopping. With Valentine's Day coming up, we hit up some of our favorite East Bay (Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley) thrift and vintage stores to find some cute looks to wow our sweeties on date night.

There are so many different approaches you can take with Valentine's Day style. Do you go sweet or sexy? Chic or carefree? It depends on your personal style, your beau and where he's taking you, so we kept an open mind and picked outfits for every variety of V-Day.

Devon's Banana Republic Red Cashmere Sweater Dress
Salvation Army - $15
With Old Navy clearance suede pumps, Grandma's hand-me-down necklace, and thrifted gold lamé belt.

Red cashmere sweaterdress

Red cashmere sweater dress with gold accessories

Red cashmere sweater dress

Britt's Bright Pink Wrap Dress
Out of the Closet - $7
With H&M necklace and Alfani boots.

Pink wrap dress with boots

Pink wrap dress

Pink wrap dress

Devon's Sweetheart Vintage Style Dress
Buffalo Exchange - $17
With Old Navy suede pumps and hand-me-down crystal necklace from a co-worker.

Vintage style red heart dress

Vintage style red heart dress

Retro glam red heart dress

Britt's Pink Patterned Mini Dress
Out of the Closet - $7
With thrifted belt and Ralph Lauren sandals.

Pink bow print dress

Pink bow print dress

Pink bow print dress

Devon's Sexy Red Bebe Bandage Dress
Buffalo Exchange - $30
With Mark Fisher heels from Macy's and cameo from Paige the French Bulldog.

Red bandage dress

Red bandage dress

Red dress and French bulldog

Britt's Red Fit-and-Flare Dress
Salvation Army - $5
With Banana Republic necklace, thrifted gold belt and thrifted Sam Edelman pumps.

Fit and flare red dress

Fit and flare red dress

Red dress and black tights