Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing the DoubleMinted Instagram Thrifting Challenge!

First things first. 

If you haven't checked out our Instagram account yet, DO IT NOW. Mostly we say this because we manage to add wayyy more content there than we do on here. In the age of instant gratification, Instagram is the king of the style blog.

One of our favorite parts of Instagram are the style challenges. If you're like us and sometimes wake up and stare blankly at your closet, then a style challenge is a great source of inspiration. Many other style bloggers post weekly or daily style themes then challenge their followers to create a stylish outfit based on it - then share it. Some of our favorite hosts include @wearwhatwhere, @hilaryrushford and @thriftyfashionfriendzee - check them out!

So we started thinking, why not start a challenge of our own? Of course it would have to involve thrift shopping on top of providing inspiration. Working with the assumption that most of our fellow thriftaholics find themselves in a thrift store on a near weekly basis, we decided to create a challenge that is a hybrid: a style challenge and an excuse to go shopping!

How it works: Each week we will post a new challenge with a new unique theme. Sometimes it will be a particular garment, other times it will be a color or something to wear to a special event. If you want to join in on the fun, check out our Instagram at the beginning of each week. You can either share your finds from that week, use the challenge as wardrobe inspiration, or share your favorites past finds. All using #hashtags, of course.

The whole idea is to have fun and build a unique, inexpensive wardrobe at the same time. Hope you can join us! Follow us @doubleminted

Our first challenge, for the end of November 2015: thrifted sweaters!

First week of December 2015: winter coats!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pin & Thrift: Pinterest Inspired Outfits

There's nothing like a few minutes perusing Women's Fashion on Pinterest to open your eyes to new style possibilities. Sorry, did we say minutes...we meant hours! Pinterest is addictive, but it's also a tremendously useful cure for "I have noting to wear!" syndrome. Keep an eye out for pins that include something you might have in your closet, styled in a way you haven't worn before.

And when all else fails, find some inspiring pins & hit the thrift store. Here are our thrifted interpretations of two of our favorite style pins we found on Pinterest.

Orignal Pin
Alexa Chung

Britt's Thrifted Version
Sweater $5 from Connie's Closet in Tahoe
Leather Skirt $8 from Salvation Army
Sam Edelman Pumps $12 from Salvation Army

Original Pin
Taylor Swift

Devon's Thrifted Version
Brooks Brothers Corduroys: $5 from Goodwill
Bass flats: $12 from Seconds to Go on Fillmore St.
Dooney Bourke handbag: $30 from shopgoodwill.com
(matching nail color is a coincidence)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Outside Lands 2015 Thrifted Festival Style

Music festivals provide some of the best people-watching in the world. Beyond that, they also provide some of the best street style outside of fashion week. If you want to see what regular people do with a little artistic inspiration, music festivals are the place to look. Anyone who's been to Outside Lands knows it's not just about the music...it's an entire cultural experience.

Picking an outfit requires you to balance equal parts originality, trendiness, and practicality. In San Francisco you have the added challenge of dressing in layers to stay comfortable through shifting temperatures. Bonnaroo and Coachella this is not. Sunday started out warm and sunny, but by the time Elton sang his last song it was misty and cold.

This year, we both decided to embrace the vintage 90s trend that has been growing in popularity (even though the phrase "vintage 90s" still makes us cringe and feel old). Who knew we'd be wearing chokers again? Sure glad we kept those!

Britt's Retro Denim Look
Maxi dress: $12 at Salvation Army
Boots: $8.50 from Goodwill
Hat: $5 from Cowboy Attic in Twentynine Palms, CA
Obi Belt: Express (gifted)
Purse: Coach for $50 from ShopGoodwill.com

Outside Lands Festival Fashion: belted vintage denim maxi with booties

Outside Lands Festival Fashion: belted vintage denim maxi with booties

Outside Lands Festival Fashion: belted vintage denim maxi with booties

Outside Lands Festival Fashion: belted vintage denim maxi with booties

Outside Lands Festival Fashion: belted vintage denim maxi with booties

Devon's Floral Grunge Look
Black blouse: $7 from American Cancer Society
Guess Black Denim Dress: $5 from Goodwill
Purse: Etienne Aigner for $5 from Salvation Army
Hat: $13 from H&M
Jewelry: Hand-me-downs from both grandmas

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Skorts: Party in the Front, Business in the Back

When Brittany's husband asked what our post was going to be about this week, the conversation went like this:
Hubby: What are you doing?
Brittany: Skorts
Hubby: What's that?
Brittany: Combination skirt, shorts.
Hubby: Oh, I hate those.

Skorts seem to be one of those love it or hate it things. Kind of like kale. Or quinoa. And like those things, skorts are trending hard right now!

Skorts are kind of like the mullet of the clothing world, except cuter (ok, cuter when done right). They are party in the front and business in the back. The "party" meaning the femininity and playfulness of a skirt and "business" meaning freer movement and the ability to keep one's decency.

Brittany's Vintage Nautical Skort
$5 at Treasure Island Flea Market
(similar on Etsy)

Devon's Vintage Pleated Skort
$3.99 at Goodwill
(similar on Etsy)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thrifted and Trendy Summer Swimsuits

There are a lot of reasons people dread swimsuit shopping. One of course is the the immense societal pressure to judge our own bodies and appearance when clad in such a small amount of clothing. But for us, one of the big hang ups is the crazy price of swimwear. As this Buzzfeed video shows, even the cheapest suits can add up.

Solution? Find a thrifted swimsuit! If you're looking for a bikini, chances are you'll need to mix and match (if you're like us, then your tops and bottoms are going to be different sizes anyway), but we like to think this forces creativity. Plus, there are plenty of one-piece swimsuits to be found too. We've even found some great one-pieces hiding in the shirt or dress sections.

Plus, we're finally emerging from June Gloom here in San Francisco, and with a good chance of being poolside or lakeside for the 4th of July, these suits are very timely wardrobe updates. Hello, summer!

Britt's Retro Navy One-piece
$6 at Goodwill
Full price equivalent from Macy's for $90+

vintage 90s one piece swimsuit

one-piece navy blue and white swimsuit

high-cut one-piece thrifted swimsuit

classic style thrifted swimsuit navy blue

vintage swimsuit on a sailboat

open back vintage 90s thrifted one-piece swimsuit

Devon's Bright Chevron Triangle Top
$1.49 from Goodwill
Full price equivalent from Nordstrom for $92

bright neon chevron thrifted bikini top

second hand swimsuit blue pink chevron

in a thrifted bikini on a sailboat

neon multicolor thrifted triangle bikini top

in a bikini in the wind on a sailboat

thrifted bikini doubleminted

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Affordable and Feminine Brunch Outfits

Is it just us or is brunch becoming even more of a thing? In San Francisco brunch can be a ritual revered at an almost religious level. And we can see why. What's not to love about good friends, good food, bottomless mimosas and not having to wake up before 9am? Plus there are few better excuses to go ahead and order that French toast.

But as casual as brunch is, it's still not quite a sweatpants occasion. Especially if you have something to celebrate or someone special to see. Last weekend we got dressed up a bit more for brunch. It was Father's Day after all and we had invited our dad out to a decadent brunch and a local Mexican restaurant.

Since the Bay Area weather was finally acting like it was June, we decided to don some of our favorite recent thrift store finds. Each of our dresses are feminine and care-free, but in a different way. Kind of like us!

Britt's Bright Floral Shift Dress
$8 at Goodwill (full price equivalent)
 Zara d'Orsay pumps - $14 at Goodwill (similar)
White blazer - $7 at Goodwill (similar)

Devon's BCBG Pleated Dress
$8 at Out of the Closet (full price equivalent)
Banana Republic leather sandals - $14 at Goodwill (similar)
Fabric & leather belt - $2 at St. Vincent de Paul