Monday, September 1, 2014

Thrifty Finds: Take Some of the Stress Out of Shopping for Pants

Nobody likes shopping for pants. There's nothing worse that struggling to find a pair that fits your specific shape, and even when you find a great fit, they deform after the first wash.

Once again, thrift shopping is a great solution to these troubles. A huge variety of brands and sizes means more opportunity to find a flattering fit. Best of all, second-hand pants are pre-washed and broken in for you. What you see is what you get. Plus, if they end up not fitting down the road, it's not like you spent a lot on them!

Here are a few of our recent finds, scored at the Goodwill on Van Ness and Mission in San Francisco.

Devon's brown corduroys - $5.99
With thrifted tweed blazer, booties, and tartan scarf.

Britt's royal purple jeans - $5.99
With thrifted shoes, discounted Aeropostale sweater, and gifted necklace.

Devon's patterned Gap cropped trousers - $5.99
With hand-me-down t-shirt, thrifted heels, and homemade necklace.

Britt's brocade dress pants - $7.99
With thrifted cashmere sweater, heels, and purse from Ross.

Devon's light green chinos - $5.99
With H&M blouse and sweater, thrifted necklace, and hand-me-down Kate Spade tote bag.

Britt's dark grey jeans - $5.99
With gifted Old Navy top and J. Crew necklace, faux leather jacket from Ross and thrifted flats.