Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrifty Finds: How to Style Florals for Summer

Trends may change every season, but there are some things you can always count on. Like boots for fall, scarves for winter, pastels for spring, and floral prints for all the warmer months. While the style of floral prints may change - farm-like rows of small flowers in the 90s versus the saturated flowers-the-size-of-your-face prints we've seen for the past few years - florals are still a staple. Which makes them pretty easy to find in thrift and second-hand stores!

Devon's day-to-night look
Dress - Goodwill for $5.50 (long sleeves removed)
Ralph Lauren Pumps - Goodwill for $10.50
Necklace - cheap in Chinatown, SF

Brittany's preppy pink picnic look
Skirt - Goodwill for $5.50
Sweater - Salvation Army for $9
Necklace - made by Devon
Shoes - Tahari at TJ Maxx for $40

Devon's work dinner look
Floral Scarf - Goodwill for $4
BCBGMaxazria Black Silk Dress - Salvation Army for $8
Cork Wedges - Ross for $15

Brittany's casual floral look
Dress - Goodwill for $4.50
Sweater - thrift store for $7 (then dyed from light to dark blue)
Shoes - BCBGirl for $30

Devon's weekend garden party look
White Flora Maxi - Goodwill for $8 (straps re-attached)
Crochet Flats - Target for $16

Brittany's day-to-night, work & play look
Dress - Goodwill for $5.50
Shoes - I.N.C. from Macy's ($75 after-Christmas sale)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Special Occasions: Cheap & Trendy 4th of July

There's nothing like a looming holiday to turn bargain shopping into a real treasure hunt. In anticipation of Independence Day, we've put together some patriotic apparel from a mix of thrifted favorites, bargain store finds, and handmade accessories.

Typically, the 4th of July will find us kicking back with friends, enjoying food off the grill and maybe the great outdoors, so we opted for some casual looks with just enough pop and sparkle to be part of the celebration.

By the way, most thrift stores re-merchandise around big holidays just like regular retail stores. Goodwill is especially good at this. However, when something is featured it tends to sell fast, so shop early and often to get the best picks!

America the Beautiful
Skirt - Forever 21 for $7.50 on sale
Striped Tank - Goodwill for $2
Earrings - Borrowed from Mom
Necklace - Handmade by Devon
Leather Clutch - Borrowed from Mom

4th of july outfit chiffon skirt

dark red skirt from forever 21

Red, White, & New
Dress - Ross for $14
Belt - Marshalls for $4
Bubble Necklace - for $10

striped blue and white dress from Ross

striped blue dress for the 4th of July

Yankee Doodle Darling
Lace-Top Blouse - Goodwill for $4.49
Polka-Dot Shorts - Goodwill for $4.49
Cowgirl Hat - Marin County Fair booth for $20
Suede Flats - Jessica Simpson at Macy's for $25

red lace top blouse from Goodwill

blue and white polka dot shorts from Goodwill

cowgirl country 4th of july outfit

American Girl
Striped Tank - H&M for $4
Pencil Skirt - Alpha Thrift in Santa Barbara for $5
Headband - H&M for $4.50
Jewelry - Handmade by Devon
Tommy Hilfiger Sandals - TJ Maxx for $5

thrifted red pencil skirt

cute 4th of july outfit with pencil skirt and stripes

red white and blue tommy hilfiger leather sandals

Made in the USA
Dress - Forever 21 for $20
Plaid Shirt - Goodwill for $4
Sunglasses - for $6
Cork Wedges - Lauren by Ralph Lauren at Ross for $13
DIY Pedicure!

blue plaid over red dress for the 4th of july

cute casual thrifted 4th of july outfit

4th of july toe nail art

Star of the Stripes
Maxi Dress - TJ Maxx for $25
Chambray Shirt - Goodwill for $4
Jewelry - Handmade by Devon

thrifted dark blue chambray shirt

red and white striped maxi dress from tj maxx

sunset and sunglasses on the 4th of july