Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shoe Strings: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Used Shoes

Some people we've talked to cringe at the idea of second-hand shoes. We're here to tell you it's not that icky. Most thrift stores only accept shoes in good condition, and if you're worried about germs, just bring some knee highs with you when you shop. Or find that spray stuff they have at bowling alleys.

We usually look for shoes that have barely been worn (minimal sole wear, minimal creases and scuffs, etc). Maybe they didn't fit the last girl. Or maybe she wore them to a wedding, but really wasn't into them. Whatever the reason, she's just taken the guilt out of shoe shopping for you!

The best part about thrifted shoes is, unlike new shoes, you don't have to worry about breaking them in. Some other lady has done that for you already. If they fit, they fit.

Here are a few of our favorite footwear finds.

Devon's Penny Loafer Flats by Nine West
Found at Goodwill
Paid: $8
Similar New: $79

nine west penny loafer flats

pointed toe penny loafer flats black

Britt's Faux Snakeskin Pumps by Sam Edelman
Found at Salvation Army
Paid: $12
Similar New: $70

sam edelman pumps faux snakeskin

 Devon's Classic Black Pumps by Target Mossimo
Found at Goodwill
Paid: $5
Similar New: $29

classic black leather pumps mossimo

Britt's Oxford Heels by Fioni
Found at Buffalo Exchange
Paid: $10
Similar New: $35

black oxford pumps with bow

Devon's Vintage 1980s Pumps by Proxy
Found at Salvation Army
Paid: $10
Similar New: Who knows? Proxy is no longer with us.

vintage 80s black pumps by proxy

black leather 80s pumps by proxy

Britt's Peep-Toe Blue Pumps by Merona
Found at Goodwill
Paid: $8
Similar New: $30

sky blue peep toe pumps suede

bright light blue pumps

As a closing note, here's one of the earliest viral videos, which timelessly captures the incomparable joy of shoe shopping. (Plus, the lead character is a twin. Kind of.)