Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Put Together: Styling a Leather Skirt

We were both working with faux leather skirts here, but the same concepts still apply. Even the wonderful Mr. Tim Gunn agrees that faux is a now a passable alternative to the real thing!

But please don't call it "pleather" or "vegan". One dates you and the other is just annoying.

If you can't settle for anything but the real thing, however, there are plenty of leather skirts to be found in thrift (and especially vintage) stores! (Britt found a great one one time, but it ripped, *tear*)

BRITTANY'S SKIRT: Bar III pleated faux-leather A-line from Macy's (purchased on sale online at Macys.com)

DEVON'S SKIRT: Faux-leather pencil with zipper detail from H&M

Feminine Lace: The idea here is girl-next-door with a bit of an edge.
Crochet Blouse - Amazon.com, but this style can be found all over the place
Shoes - Report found at Ross
Necklace - H&M

black pleated faux leather skirt

white crochet top long sleeves

h&m gold spike statement necklace

Rocker Girl: A good look for a concert or a dance club.
Shirt - thrift store find, cut an tied into a new more feminine shape
Boots - Hand-me-down from a friend
Necklace - H&M
Bracelet - Gift from Dad

black faux leather skirt with zipper detail

modified men's t-shirt from the thrift store

industrial silver statement necklace

Cozy: Dressed for cold weather, but the leather makes it more interesting.
Sweater - cashmere mock-neck, hand-me-down from Mom
Scarf - J Crew (borrowed from husband)
Tights - Hue
Boots - Timberland
Jewelry - vintage bangles and natural turquoise ring, all hand-me-downs from Grandma

jcrew plaid scarf and leather skirt

pleated faux leather skirt

Laid Back: The blouse says "weekend" but the skirt says "I've got somewhere to be"
Blouse - H&M clearance
Boots - Payless Shoes
Necklace - made by Devon

leather skirt with white blouse

h&m white blouse and leather skirt

gray pearl and crystal three strand necklace

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thrifty Finds: Printed Spring Maxi Dresses

Spring has officially arrived, and that means it's also the season for spring dresses. We've had our eyes on maxi dress trends lately, and we both found a few gems at our local thrift stores.

Going to the thrift store with a specific item in mind doesn't always work, but sometimes you get lucky. More often, though, it's persistence that pays off. We've even been known to check the same rack more than once. Something that didn't catch your eye on the first pass might end up calling your name on a second look.

The warm weather this weekend had us out enjoying the sunshine, flowers, and sea breeze at Sutro Heights Park in our "new" favorite dresses.

Devon's Blue Floral Maxi
Forever 21 Heritage 1981 - $7.99 from Goodwill

Britt's Black & White Maxi
A Tribute to Marimekko by H&M - $7.99 from Goodwill

Devon's Exotic Print Maxi
Forever 21 - $7.99 from Goodwill

Britt's Watercolor Print Maxi
90's vintage (because that's a thing now) - $3.99 from Goodwill

Monday, March 17, 2014

Special Occasions: Going Green for St. Patrick's Day

We both love any kind of special event that involves dressing up: holidays, parties, and especially costumed events!

St. Patrick's Day can be a tricky holiday, because most people don't have a ton of green in their wardrobe. Let's face it, green - especially the indisputably bright kind that lets you avoid pinches - is kind of a hard color to wear.

That's why we opted to go thrifting for this post: to avoid spending a lot on what might be wear-once-a-year items. Lucky for us, most of the thrift stores in our area are on top of current events and had a whole rack of green clothing set aside. But that didn't stop us from diving into the rest of the racks in search of anything from hunter to chartreuse.

Work looks:
Chances are St. Patrick's Day will fall on a work day, so we put together some outfits that are festive and have a pop of green, but still look professional.

Brittany's look: Green H&M top - $5.49 from Goodwill
(Pencil skirt also a Goodwill find, I-N-C pumps from Macy's, jewelry borrowed from Mom)

green ascot scarf and black dress

Devon's look: Green scarf - $2.49 from Goodwill
(Black Banana Republic dress - gift, black Hush Puppy pumps from Ross)

Party Looks:
Whether it's a casual backyard gathering or a out-all-night kind of event, bright green can be a fun accent.

Brittany's look: Green shift dress - $7.99 from Goodwill, mint green skinny belt - $1.99 from Goodwill
(BCBGirl shoes from a Macy's One-Day Sale, statement necklace from Banana Republic - gift)

green shift dress with mint green belt

Devon's look: Green H&M top - $3.49 from Goodwill
(Black maxi skirt - hand-me-down from Mom, platform sandals from TJ Maxx, DIY necklace)

black maxi skirt with bright green top

kelly green tank top with pocket

close up on handmade green and gold necklace

Casual Looks: 
Outfits that will keep you from getting pinched, wherever the day brings you.

Brittany's look: Aiming for sweet and preppy in a green cable-knit sweater she already owned.
(striped skirt from ModCloth - gift, $15 booties from discount shoe store in Hong Kong)

green cable knit sweater, striped skirt, white oxfords

bright green cable knit sweater

Devon's look: Ruffled green Forever 21 blouse - $4.49 from Goodwill
(Skinny black jeans from Ross, black Mossimo pumps from Goodwill)